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Swing High

The frontage of our organization. beautifully designed with color, learning stimulation and emborsed designs.

SWING HIGH is a Non-profit Institution with a team of dedicated professional teachers and educationists, committed to assisting and catering to the needs of young blind children within the age of 3 to 6years old  in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Our passion for learning means we achieve more than outstanding results. We strive to build confident and creative thinkers and aim at delivering a dynamic start.

We, at Swing High offer an echo-friendly, supportive and inspirational environments for young blind children to learn and grow with us.

We are an early childhood pre-school focused on Orientation and Mobility, Cognitive and Fine Motor Development, Sensory Stimulation and Exploration, social-emotional development, early literacy and numeracy and among others. Our students walk out with the character and confidence to make their mark in the world,

If we want the blind children to succeed in life, we have to give them a dynamic start in life.

Please join me, and let’s make a change.

Joshua — The Director
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Mission Statement

We envision independent, lively, confident blind children who are ready for life, just like their sighted peers.

Our mission is to provide appropriate interventions, techniques, and resources to help the blind child to build a strong foundation for future learning and success.

Our Core Values

Our activities and curriculum for our beneficiaries question and changethe status quo and wrong beliefs. Our children will be Independent, Confident and have Creative ideas.

Our Staff are Innovative and open-minded to new ideas, Corporative, Caring and Empathetic towards the little blind children.We areaccountable, transparent, honestand Consistent


Our Philosophy

Blind children should be independent and also not be isolated from other sighted children. Blind children have equal opportunities in the society. We so much believe in our beneficiaries, that is why We empathize and not sympathize.

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